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Beloved Rose Perfume

A love letter to your senses

Introducing our aromatherapy perfume featuring Damascus Rose, Sandalwood, and Himalayan Cedar. Web exclusive.

Beloved Rose was designed by our co-founder, Susan Griffin-Black. This has been her long-time passion project, the culmination of a thirty-year love affair with essential oils. It is a fragrance that encourages human connection, invites you to open your heart and embrace the world around you.

Each bottle comes with a ready-to-gift sample to share with someone you love.

EO® Beloved Rose Spray

Spray, in a base of natural sugar cane alcohol, purified water. Includes sample oil.



EO® Beloved Rose Oil

Roll-on, in a base of Organic Jojoba, Castor Oil, Vitamin E. Includes sample oil.



EO® Beloved Rose Set

One of each: roll-on perfume oil and spray, plus two sample oils.



The Essential Oils

Rose Damascena

Damascus Rose is one of the world’s most precious oils, and the star of Beloved Rose. Sourced from Turkey, this oil has been revered for centuries for its fresh floral notes, sweet finish, and romantic associations.

Sustainable Sandalwood

We waited 15 years for our partners in Australia to harvest their first growth of sustainably-grown Sandalwood. Long-admired for its distinctive earthy undertones, Sandalwood serves as the rich base note in Beloved Rose.


With its minty, grassy overtones, Rose Geranium is in perfect balance with this perfume’s warm, woody notes. Sourced from Egypt, Geranium essential oil stimulates the senses with its fresh, distinctive scent.

Himalayan Cedarwood

Known for its earthy scent, Himalayan Cedarwood makes the perfect grounding note for Beloved Rose. Sourced from India, this exotic oil is both uplifting and soothing.

Rose Gallica

Floral notes in our Austrian Gallic Rose help to balance this perfume. This essential oil evokes a sense of warmth and harmony.

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